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05 January 2012 @ 11:05 pm
14 July 2011 @ 09:14 pm

15 March 2011 @ 07:57 pm
Title: Hold your breath, kid! [20/21]
Author: freaky4frankie
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Rating: 15 mild language and sex.
POV: Gerard’s POV
Summary:They thought their childhood was destroyed, they thought they could never see each other again, they thought they could never be complete again. But oh how wrong they were.
Warning: Character death XP
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters.

Chapter 20 : There’s something inside me that pulls beneath the surfaceCollapse )
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If you could change one thing about yourself, except for looks, what would it be?

Wellll i would say my autism and ADHD but i have kind of grown out of that now, well.... lol. It is just mainly my forgetfullness it makes me soo annoyed and stressed outt i really hate it. Aswell as that i would say getting rid of how distracted i get, i always have to fiddle with thiungs so that would be a good thing to get rid of XD

yeah would basically say them three things, but the main thing i would change is my forgetfullness. :D
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26 February 2011 @ 10:52 pm
Heyyy it's emo_girl26 today so happy birthday girll!!! XD thought i would do a special mcr spazm as i call it for you hehe XD cuz i know you will be dying for your present, but you will have to wait, so you can enjoy some sexy frank and gee pics and some mcr ones :) havn't done one for a while and other users are free to have a nose and comment if your feeling nice enough >.< Rare pics and pics we love of mcr :DCollapse )
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24 February 2011 @ 01:38 am
Another fun quiz i'm doing from mariquitahelena hehe :) in a quiz mood

List 10 musical artists/bands you like, in no specific order (do this before reading the question below!)

in no order :)

1. Green Day
2. My chemical romance
3. Biffy Clyro
4. Linkin Park
5. The Used
6. Smile Empty Soul
7. Nirvana
8. Paramore
9. Billy Talent
10. Avril Lavigne

1. What was the first song you ever heared by 6 (Smile Empty Soul)?
silhouettes and i fucking love it one of the best bands ever :D

2. What is your favourite song by 8 (Paramore)?
hmmmm thats hard i would say Brick by boring Brick but honestly i really don't know XD

3. What kind of impact has 1 (Green Day) left on your life?
wow SOOOO much really :) they were the first rock band i ever really got into and their American idiot was the first album i owned. They changed my dress sense and the way i look at life and just started to be more of a sensible person from then but yet i actually went crazy too

4. What is your favourite lyric of 5 (The Used)?
Liar Liar pants on fire hanging by a telephone wire XD
it's great :D

5. How many times have you seen 4 (Linkin Park) live?
none :'( tho i soooo want to hehe wait rephrase that i haveee too

6.What is your favourite song by 7 (Nirvana)?
Lithium haha a lyric on there i think is hilarious XD

7. Is there any song by 3 (Biffy Clyro) that makes you sad?
No i dont think so i love all their songs and they always cheer me up MON THE BIFFY :)

8.What is your favourite song by 9 (Billy Talent)?
ohhh man soo many but i have to say diomand on a landmine :)

9. When did you first get into 2 (My chemical romance)?
hmmmmm i think in year 9 so i'm in year 11 now so about 2 years or more ago, when i was going through my moms stuff she had an obseeshion over gerard way she still likes him but she has passed that onto me slightly XD hehe y didnt she show me the music earlier ehh

10. How did you get into 3 (Biffy Clyro)?
Saw the golden rule on Kerrange and i fucking fell in love with the band and simon hehe

11. What is your favourite song by 4 (Linkin park)?
sooo harddddd uggggh okay at the momment crawling

12. How many times have you seen 9 (Billy Talent) live?
none :( ahhhh whyyyyy i am soo going me and my mom have planned to buy the tickets straight away when they come to birmingham :)

13. What is a good memory concerning 2 (My chemical romance)?
When i saw them for the first time on feb the 13th :) first concert and i was so stoaked hehe tho they didnt play i dont love you :( my fave song

14. Is there a song by 8 (Paramore) that makes you sad?
nope they are all lovely :)

15. What is your favourite song by 1 (Green Day)?
haha lol what isn't hmmm i lve them all i think maybe coming clean or 21 guns or longview nooo brain stew :) yeasshhhhh i just love that one :) but i love them all

16. How did you become a fan of 10 (Avril Lavigne)?
havn't got a clue i loved her since primary school so around year 5 or 6 it was probably my mom haha
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24 February 2011 @ 12:42 am
mariquitahelena did this and now i have nothing to do i thought i would have a little go hehe

List 10 hottest guys from bands you like/Tv shows/Films etc (do this before reading the question below!)

This is not in order!!god it would take me forever, and i would probably keep changing my mind if it was XD

1. Frank Iero
2. Simon Niel
3. Gerard Way
4. Chester bennington
5. Bert McCracken
6. Quinn Allman
7. Jeph howard
8. Jared Leto
9. Matt Cardle
10. M shadows

WOW that was harrrrrrd!! lol i dont really watch many films with really popular actors, most to me are either too clean cut or dress way too much with all the fashion (basically like girls XD)

- So, what do you like most about 2 (Simon Niel)?
Welll this is really hard, he just ticks all the boxes. I love his body mwaaaahha his lips and his eyes the most but i have to say his lips, the shape of them is just lovely and they look so soft hmmmmmmm k next question XD

- If you could do anything to 4 (Chester bennington), what would it be?
Oh fuck this is hard.....not i would just kiss him hehe not around my mom though she would be veryyyy jelouse XD

- Who would you choose between 5 (Bert McCraken) and 7 (Jeph Harward)?
what!!! gaahhh thats hard hmmmm sorry but i'm gonna have to say jepha he is just hot all over haha the greasy hair has to go bert but still i love you :)

- Out of a ten, how much would you rate 1 (Frank Iero)?
seriously SERIOUSLY!!!! :o 1 jokeingggggg lol the number is to high it wouldn't fit in this entry XD

- What do you find most attractive about 1 (Frank Iero)?
Everything mannnnn i can't there is just too many things, though i think i have made my choice.....everythink lol okay okay his eyes they are just wow

- If you could go out with 3 (Gerard Way), what type of date would you go on?
I wouldn't, i would just skip the date and go straight to the bedroom XD

- Why is 10 (M Shadows) not higher up your list?
Maybe because he is more muscly i am not a fan of muscles, dont like them at all tbh so thats why but i still wouldnt kick him out of bed lol

- So what does 10 (M Shadows) have to do to be brought higher up?
Hmmmmmm be more chester benningtons sized XD and do something cool with his hair, or have it long again yeah he can just have his hair long again :)

- What would be the ideal situation for you for 2 (Simon Niel) and 4 (Chester bennington)?
hahahahahaha that would so be the ideal threesome haha sorry or snog fest

- Marry, shag or kiss - 4 (Chester bennington), 6 (Quinn Allmand), 8 (Jared Leto).
oh mannnn soo hard okay so for kiss Quinn Allmand, shag Jared Leto and marry Chester bennington mannn that was soo hard lol

- What do you hate most about 7 (Jeph howard)?
Nothing he is gorgeous :) so i dont know i really can't think of anything.

- Have you ever thought about how you'll react when you meet 3 (Gerard Way)?
Hmmmm in a way i wouldn't want to cuz it wouldn't change my life or anything and would be over in a matter of mins. He would forget me like all the other fans and he could be an asshole for all i know XD but i dunno i would probs just try and be as sensible as i can and give him my drawing of him to sign lol soo sad i know

- Have you seen 1 (Frank iero) and 2 (Simon Niel) together on tv before?
Yes, i think :/ oh wait yeah the NME awards and omg did they look hotttt and simon has gone back to brown yay and his beard XD wow

- Have you ever dreamt about 6 (Quinnn Allman)?
No dont think so :/ i dont ever remember my dreams these days lol though i want to have a dream about him ^^ hehe

- Who would you take to a prom/ball with you?
OMG i would soooo take Bert so we could just trash it :) haha

- Cuddle, glomp or kiss - 1 (Frank iero), 3 (Gerard Way), 5 (Bert McCraken).
I would cuddle Frankie :) kiss Gerard and glomp bert, dont have a clue what it means tho haha

- If you could give anything to 9 (Matt hardle), what would it be?
hmmmmm i would give him the biggest kiss and a sneaky squeeze of the bum and tell him how well he did on X-factor lol :) and maybe more (wink wink) XD

- Out of all of them - who would you:
Kick? Jared Leto for singing with kayne west and changing to crappy music and not being as hot as he was in the kill haha
Kiss? Simon Niel
Pinch cheeks? Matt Cardle
Runaway with? Frank Iero
Act like an idiot with? Bert McCraken
Cry on? Chester bennington
Take to see your Mother? (translate) which guy she won't drool over XD thats hard reaallly hard hmmmmm Quinn Allmand :) he is maybe the only one shw wouldn't drool over but i cant be sure eeeep
Bungee jump with? Jeph Harward
Cross dress with? M shadows
Swap lives with for a day? Gerard Way

hehe so do this quiz if you like cuz it's fun hehe :)
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14 February 2011 @ 03:26 pm
MCR thats right!! xD hehe
it was one of the best nights of my life :) it was icredible going to my first concert and seeing them was the best thing ever.

They were sooo great live, they really blew me away, and Gerard wore red eye shadow awwwww >.< and then there was Frankie with his short sexy hair. Then Mikey just wiping his hair the whole time lol and then Ray just soo amzing at the guitar wow.

I just had a great time. They first came on with na na na and they also sang mama, teenagers, give em hell kid, vampires.. and soo many more it was soo great. Frankie was spinning like mad to begin with :D

Even though we didn't have the best view i still went mad belting out all the songs and dancing like mad haha i think i am mad for concerts XD lol i will defo go to more thats for sure. TThough it was the experience and just seeing them was really good.
I think i trud on someones feet with my DR martens like twice woops

I went to the LG arena in birmingham and the suppoet band was the balckout i didn't even know they were walsh and saun sounds just like ian watkins XD theywere good, might check some of their stuff out.
SOoooo thank you emily for taking me to see the best band ever and thanks for the t-shirt and program XD

Unfortuantly i don't have pictures cuz i took a thro away camera though when i get them done i might post them. I just wanted to post it here cuz it was an amzing night and my first concert so it was a very big deal for me. Now i know what to expect next time and it will be even more amazing :)

ohhh and who else went to see them at the LG arene in birmigham last night?
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10 February 2011 @ 09:25 pm
Hellloooo people of live journal!! i havn't been on here for ages, so this is just a post to tell you that i'm still here, living, kinda healthy XD

you probs wont comment to this, but aww well i wrote it anyway >.<

i thought i would tell you a little bit of what i have been up to, and whatnot.
Just to let you know i AM still doing my Hold your breath, kid! i just have been real busy with my stupid romeo and juliet coursework. I have gave it in, though i might have to do a little more. However, my next chapter should hopefully be done sometime next week :) i have wrote some on paper at school and basically ditched some lessons to write, though i can't seem to write well on paper. I can do better on computer.

Anywayy, i think i have also been neglecting LJ cuz i am going to see MCR the first time and first concert wooop on sunday soo as you can imagine i am freaked, which isn't really that hard for me to do XD i am halfway there anyway, just the tickets gave me a lil nudge lol
and i have been reading ALOT of frerard on ficwad XD

i am going with emo_girl26 so that should be fun...(input Sarcasm XD) only joking emily lol

oh and i may not be a loner, cuz i may have found one or may have found two friends that may be in year 8 and may be about 3 years younger than me lol though they are into MCR :)
if all fails i can just die in a hole XD lol

no i don't do that, i supose it isn't all bad. I am going to a concert and going with my best friend XD soooo, so far things are good, hopefully the hill curse ( my surname) won't take over lol

well i think thats enough from me, i do go on XD ttfn xx
p.s thanks everyone for reading my hold your breath....

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28 January 2011 @ 05:09 pm
Are there any movies that you watched over and over again as a child that you can't stand today?

haha oh man, i mean i'm still a child but i used to wach high school musical over and over all the time when i was about 11 lol my mom hated it.

I am soo over that now i can't believe i used to like it yuck XD
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